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For a fantastic rowing experience, look no further than a Willie Drift Boat. From 12ft to 20ft we have models to fit every individual’s needs, not to mention some top notch features that include:

  • Specially designed thicker chine, with a lip that allows the boat to track better, allowing for ultimate control while maneuvering.
  • A slight perpendicular curve built into the point of the bow, to keep you drier while plunging through the roughest white water.
  • The modified McKenzie design with a combination of a sharper rake and a painstakingly crafted upsweep of bottom fore and aft with precisely flared sides.

    • A standard row seat with row seat web
    • side trays
    • front bench seat
    • non-skid floorboard
    • PPG epoxy interior coating
    • three cup holders

    • top single bow eye
    • lower double bow eye
    • transom eye
    • top front deck
    • lower front deck on all models except the Lil’ Willie.

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    Model Bottom Width Center Length Beam Oarlock Height Approx. Weight Bottom Thickness Max HP Aluminum Grade- Bottom
    12′ 48″ 10’4″ 68″ 21″ 160 .125 ~ 5086
    14′ 48″ 13’4″ 68″ 22.6″ 195 .125 ~ 5086
    16′ 48″ 15’4″ 74″ 23.6″ 275 .125 10 5086
    16′ 54″ 15’5″ 76″ 24.4″ 285 .125 10 5086
    17′ 54″ 15’10” 78″ 24.4″ 330 .125 10 5086
    17′ 60″ 16′ 80″ 25″ 350 .125 10 5086
    18′ 60″ 16’6″ 84″ 25″ 380 .125 10 5086
    19′ 60″ 17’2″ 86″ 25″ 400 .125 10 5086
    19′ 66″ 17’8″ 88″ 24″ 435 .125 10 5086
    20′ 72″ 18′ 90″ 24″ 490 .125 10 5086

    All Willie Boats are guaranteed against Manufacturer defects while in property of the original purchaser for the lifetime of the boat, and for one year against defective materials and workmanship, excluding paint, wood products, electrical components and aftermarket accessories. All work under this guarantee is to be performed at the manufacturing plant in Central Point, Oregon and any freight or transportation charges will be for the account of the boat owner. Should Willie Boats, at its discretion, authorize repairs or repaint to be performed by a third party, Willie Boats will pay only to the extent of our established cost should the work have been performed at Willie Boats. This guarantee is void if the boat has been altered capsized or sunk, and the judgment of Willie Boats is final to the extent of liability.

    Willie Boats mainly builds each boat per order. We often have a few stock boats, but the majority of boats are built for each customer. To order a drift boat to be built to your specifications, please call us. Our average lead time is about Six to eight weeks, but can sometimes be as long as two and a half months depending on the time of year. We require a non-refundable deposit to get the boat going and then payment in full when the boat is finished. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, 1-800-866-7775 or inquiry@willieboats.com

    Since we are factory direct only, we only have one location for you to pickup your drift boat. However, if you are not able to make the drive, we would be happy to check into shipping rates for you, however this will be an additional cost to you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, 1-800-866-7775 or inquiry@willieboats.com

    We recommend a shaft length of Long (20 inches) for all of our drift boats (Unless you have a transom cut-out). Maximum Horse Power on all Willie Drift Boats is 10HP

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