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G-Loomis SAPR-982C 8’2″ 1 Pc. FREE SHIPPING!


This rod is designed to back-troll deep-diving lures, like the Hot Shot or Wiggle Wart, behind a boat. It has a relatively light tip that allows the plug to work easily and also lets the angler watch the tip wiggle, confirming that the lure is working properly. The rod is designed to allow the boat to fish the plug, backing the lures down the drift slightly slower than the current, forcing them to dive, wiggling erratically. Lures are spaced out at equal distances from the boat, like a picket fence, so the fish have to react to them rather than just moving over to get out of their way. The lure rating is very broad because some anglers use this rod for light duty back-bouncing on small rivers and because it’s designed for trolling, not casting. If you should decide to use it for casting lures or baits, it will handle up to 2-ounces effectively.

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