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2008 17X54 Willie Drift Boat $9,000

This boat is loaded and ready to fish.  17X54 includes the following: Free sliding front compartment seat 11″ deep, Row seat with 2 compartments, removable rear compartment, cover and bra, 48″ fishbox, UHMW Bottom, full dimaond plate floors, diamond motor pad, MXSG Oars, oarlocks, with 6 position oarlock block, forced air heater system, four pulley anchor system, 40lb chain anchor and nest, diamond plate sides with paint, ABC Trailer with catwalk and boat buckle tie downs, tempress navi seats, gunnel guard, electric bilge pump, moeller rod holder kit, and 4 sliding rod holders.  It also has the hardware installed for a flip flop top.  Call Mark for more information at 509-314-1951.