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2018 Willie 18×60 Drift Boat $12500

This boat has been used less than 10 times. Excellent condition as you’d expect. I’ve had a number of Willie Drift Boats and this boat is by far the most complete that I’ve had built. The boat is as light as I could make it. You won’t find a lighter and more functional 18×60 and I’d bet this boat is lighter and easier to row than 90% of all 17′ Willies out there. Simply put, this boat is versatile, comfortable, but easy to row and maneuver. 

Lets get into the features:

I passed on the rowing bench seat to save weight and also allow my rods to lay lower to the gunnel when not in use. I use a kill bag located right behind my seat and it works great at a fraction of the weight. Lowering the center of gravity was also a big consideration and because of this I chose not to install the forward or rear flat decks. I’ve had them in the past and couldn’t stand them. While they are comfortable to stand on, I was able to address comfort with a different approach described later. The flat decks contribute to making drift boats top heavy and adds an additional 75 pounds at least, which both went against my goals in this build. For tackle storage, there is storage for plano boxes in the top of the row box and another plano slot on the front of the box. The row box also has a place for lead storage and welded in tool holders for pliers, scissors and knives. I run a one roller anchor bracket with a jam cleat. the excess rope lays to my right with a cleat on the side of the row box where I set the rope for access. I use different sized anchors between 25-60 pounds depending on what I’m fishing for. Pulley systems aren’t what most people think they are. They look like they help and that’s about it. I apologize for offending 3/4 of the drift boat owner population, but every one of those pulley’s adds additional resistance and actually makes whatever anchor you’re pulling significantly heavier without the benefit;)

The boat has two configurations and both can utilize the 36 volt battery system that comes with the boat.

The first configuration is the traditional bench configuration for back trolling or anchoring for fall Chinook. The bench has been lowered 4 inches and while still comfortable, your passengers will lose some height for center of gravity. If I didn’t mention this, a person sitting in the seats wouldn’t even know they are lowered, but it does make a difference for the overall performance. I have the trolling motor on when I fish in the fall and can either move quickly down the river or even move back up the river should I have water that is too fast to row.

The second is a casting configuration for Steelhead complete with a forward hip lock. The front hip lock is built into the front deck because this gives you and extra 6-8” of room. This is a configuration that my buddy on the OP had done a few years ago and it really makes a difference in space and how you’re able to balance the boat. I have my people sit down and cast as this keeps the center of gravity low, negates the need for a flat forward deck and keeps my people right down the centerline of the boat. The seats are on cushioned, pedestal mounts at an appropriate height to comfortably cast. In the photo, the rear most pedestal is higher, but due to the amount of shock absorber, both passengers will be at the same height once seated. As the oarsman, you can either row, run the electric or both as its super easy to get from the rowing seat to the motor without the bench.

The boat comes with an aluminum trailer with Boat Buckles, boat cover, Sawyer V Lam oars, 2 custom rod racks (one for each configuration), and a spare oar. As mentioned, also comes with the 36 volt system, which includes the charger and 3 batteries. I’m keeping the motor. The seats are mounted on quick release UHMW bases and are easily transferred between the two different boat configurations. There is also a UHMW bottom on this boat. This is the drift boat that ends all the “what if’s”. Fairly priced at $12500. Feel free to give us a call or text should you want to look at it. Lance or Shannon 503.680.6809