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Willie Boats was started by drift boat designer Willie Illingworth, an innovator in the drift boat industry. Prior to Willie Boats, Willie had quite the history perfecting the first aluminum drift boats. In 1971 Willie spent three months building the very first aluminum McKenzie-style drift boat, wanting to build a boat that would be lighter and easier handling than the older style wooden drift boats. Willie was thrilled launching it and finding the maneuverability was excellent.

Old Style Two Color Paint

Willie Illingworth, founder of Willie Boats, guiding on the Rogue River

Willie Boats Is Born

Willie continued building aluminum drift boats and perfecting the design and soon was selling them under the name of Alumaweld Boats. Willie sold his share of Alumaweld in 1977 and waited four years to begin the business that is now today Willie Boats which was opened in 1981.

Willie Boats is located on 1440 Justice Road in Central Point, Oregon. Today, the company builds around 250 drift boats a year and close to 100 power boats. To ensure that each customer receives the best service available Willie Boats is factory direct only and does not have any dealers.

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