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Ultimate River Rat System

The Ultimate River Rat System is an all welded, modular, raft frame that allows raft owners to construct the ideal raft frame for their needs. Willie Boats is known for quality and innovation so you know that whatever you buy, its going to be designed and built to our high standards. The system is made up of the Rat Nest, which features 3 position adjustable oarlocks for the oarsman, the Rat Trap, which is ideal for coolers or dry boxes, and the Rat Tail, which is a pinch bar to customize any space.

Each component is available in a powder coat finish, or with an underside treatment of sharkhide. Either way your raft is going to be protected from the dark streaking that untreated aluminum leaves on rafts.

UHMW couplers connect any of the system components in seconds, which makes transforming your raft fast and easy.

The uni rail allows users to add cup holders or any number of accessories to make your raft even more comfortable.

Strapping slots are numerous and keep each component from moving. When you strap it down, it stays. The strapping slots also provide you with points to attach dry bags or spare oars.

The Ultimate River Rat System offers raft owners a modular raft frame solution, that is built to last, looks amazing, and has earned the title of simply the best.

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