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Looking Good! Willie Head Painter Josh Stanley

“That boat is beautiful!”  “Wow, nice boat!”

If you’re a Willie Boat owner, you’re probably used to this.  If you’re a prospective owner, you’ve probably said it at some point and it’s cool, you’ve got great taste! A lot of dedication goes into each and every one of our boats. The guys in the shop building your boats are some of the best fabricators and painters on the planet. You don’t get that title just by showing up to work and “doing your job”. If you’re the “best” you demand the best. You have passion and are committed to kicking butt and doing it all the time.

We wanted to take a moment and introduce to you, Josh Stanely. Josh is the head painter at Willie Boats and in charge of making your boat look good. Not a lot of people know what goes into a great paint job, but know that it’s a trade that combines the artist with the chemist. A trade that requires attention to detail and a commitment to process. Josh does all of these things every day and we know that there are a couple thousand Willie Boat owners that are sporting Josh’s work.

Next time you get a chance to stop by the shop, be sure to introduce yourself to Josh- the guy behind the suit.