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River Feet

For Todd Logan, the outdoors and fishing are not a hobby or way of life, but who he is.

Growing up, Todd was determined to be the best at everything he did, because, as he puts it, he was “born with less.” Early on, Todd was diagnosed with a unique condition in which the bones in his hands and feet were fused together. In 2015, this condition cost Todd lost his right leg, and along with it, his mobility, his job, and, in his mind, the ability to do the things in life that he loved most. Even with a prosthetic leg, he could not even bear to look at himself in the mirror.

However, one day his friend Greg drove him down to the river to go fishing. Todd couldn’t help but feel brighter. The mere experience of the river lifted his spirits, and eventually the answer to his struggles became clear. His passion for fishing would become his employment. As a professional fishing guide, he would answer to no one but himself for failure or success.

At the Portland Sportsman’s show, the sight of Willie Boats’ wheelchair accessible drift boat touched him deeply, as he realized what this could mean for people who might not have the opportunities he had on the river.

Working closely with the Willie team, Todd customized a one-of-a-kind accessible drift boat to break down barriers for as many people as possible. They added a ramp for power chairs, and raised the floor to help fishermen in wheelchairs achieve better lift with their fishing poles. So that Todd can guide on days when he needs to use his wheelchair, the team added an extra track system for the rowing seat. Innovation, determination, and a whole lot of heart came together for a truly life-changing boat.

One of Todd’s first passengers, Jed Morgan, met Todd at a veteran outreach meeting. Todd approached Jed, hoping for an opportunity to give back to Jed for his sacrifice. Jed accepted the invitation, and his first trip on the river became one of the best days of Todd’s life, as Jed’s smile illuminated the drift boat.

Today Todd is living his dream as a top-notch fishing guide, sharing his love of the river and enriching the lives of others. According to Todd, it is the most rewarding thing he’s ever done. And really, you don’t need to be in a wheelchair to benefit from the experience. Todd’s love of the river and passion to change lives is contagious and inspiring for everyone.