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Meet A Powerboat Wizard: Noah Davenport


The Willie Nemesis is an ultimate watercraft in big river and near coastal boating, and it’s not difficult to see why. Crafted and refined by guys who are passionate about their work, each of these power boats in built by a single Willie Boats boat builder.  In this video, you’re going to hear from Noah Devenport, power boat builder extraordinaire and the face behind some of the sweetest rides on the water.

Noah enjoys the challenges of seamlessly integrating custom features and always pushing to make his powerboat hulls better. His attention to detail and creative approach to finding solutions continues to push the limits for what can be done. That’s why many of our region’s top fishing guides run in boats built by this guy.  Like all members of the Willie family, he is good at what he does, and takes pride in his work.

Next time you’re in the shop, you will likely see one or more of Noah’s projects. Check it out, and be sure to say hi to this great guy with a passion for innovation and excellence. Yes, artisan craftsmanship still exists and it’s just another reason that Willie Boats are Simply the Best.