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Willie Boats COVID-19 Response

Hey Friends,

We certainly hope everyone is of good health and making the most of this time. Making the most of things is what we do, right? Slow fishing and the river going out, eventually makes way for green water and fish on. As fishermen we know this. We live this.

At Willie Boats, the crew here continues to work, while making sure we’re doing our part to ensure this thing is as short lived as possible. So here’s the rundown on whats available and how we’re making everything happen:

  1. The online store is open for business. We are shipping orders.
  2. Boat pick-up is by appointment only.
  3. The showroom is closed, but curbside orders are available.
  4. Fabrication is rocking at a 6′ distance. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our people are safe and still able to work.

Certainly let us know if you have any questions. Please, take care of yourselves. We consider all of you family and look forward to more stories and good times ahead.

Peace and love to all of you,

Jim and Team