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The Fuzion was born of two Predator hulls, the 10ᵒ and 5ᵒ models, and the result is a hybrid boat uniquely designed for thin water. The “V” entry slices through turbulence while easing the variable hull bottom over any roughness. This boat is a fresh take on an old idea, and offers a maneuverability rarely found in a shallow water hull.

  • 10° entry that transitions to a 5° transom.
  • Optional Tunnel Hull for ultimate shallow water performance
  • Above or Under Floor Fuel Tank
  • Optional removable windshield

The evolution of this hull offers cutting edge shallow water capabilities that are typically found in deeper vee’d boats. The Fuzion’s efficiency allows owners to equip the boat with far less horsepower than would be required of other similar length boats. The Fuzion is the accumulation of 30 years of boat building know how transformed into the most advanced shallow water hull on the market.

Specification image for Fuzion


ModelLengthBottom WidthCenter LengthBeamSide HeightBottom ThicknessMax H.P.Approx Weight