Power Boats


One of the original modern day sleds, the Predator offers versatility that changed the aluminum boat world. With forward helm, open tiller or open console configurations, the Predator sports a smooth bow entry that slides over waves and chop, making for the super comfortable ride that this hull is known for.

  • 5 or 10 degree hull options
  • Precise bottom straking combines with a planning pad for effortless boat control
  • Above or below floor fuel tanks
  • Optional Tunnel Hull in the 5 degree model

The Predator’s timeless design offers loyalists with prop and jet drive options along with the ability to dress down the boat for the ultimate in weight and cost savings. Good designs never go out of style and the Willie Predator is a testament to that adage.

Specification image for Predator


ModelLengthBottom WidthCenter LengthBeamSide HeightBottom ThicknessMax H.P.Approx Weight
2072 Open20'72"20'102"30".1902501020
2072 Forward Helm20'72"20'102"30".1902501395
2178 Open21'78"21'102"28".1902501345
2178 Forward Helm21'78"21'102"28".1902501560
2184 Open21'84"21'102"28".1902501525
2184 Forward Helm21'84"21'102"28".1902501690
2284 Open22'6"84"22'6"102"28".1902501675
2284 Forward Helm22'6"84"22'6"102"28".1902501965
2484 Open24'84"24'102"28".1902501875
2484 Forward Helm24'84"24'102"28".1902502050